The present stateOn September 23 and September 24, 2021, the jury meeting stage took place on Ottawa, Canada.

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Competition TypeTo select the best project and the design team, Canada is intending to initiate an architectural design competition (competition). The competition is about selecting the team with the right demonstrated capability to undertake this nationally-significant architectural project.

The competition, through the Request for Qualification (RFQ), will be open to qualified architectural entities and be multi-disciplinary in nature to include (and be limited to) structural and building engineering (mechanical/electrical).

The competition is organized as a limited design competition in accordance with the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) regulations for competitions in Canada. Through a prequalification procedure (the RFQ), a predetermined number of firms (up to 12) will be invited to compete in a Request for Proposal (RFP) structured as a two (2) stage, limited design competition and undertaken as shown below:

Advanced Procurement Notice (APN)
• Issued in January 2020

Request for Qualification (RFQ)
• Issued in December 2020
• Open to all interested on
• Announce names of design competition jury members
• Qualify and invite up to 12 respondants to participate in the design competition

Request for Proposal (RFP):
• Issued May 2021, tentative working period for competitors 12 weeks
• Competitors will be invited to anonymously submit an outline design concept for evaluation by the Jury, assisted by technical experts
• The jury will short list up to 6 design concepts and invite those competitors to proceed to stage 2

• Tentative working period for competitors 14 weeks
• Competitors will be invited to anonymously submit an advanced design concept for evaluation by the jury, assisted by technical experts
• The jury will select the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners.

• Negotiated procedure
• Tentative spring 2022
• If PSPC chooses to proceed, negotiate contract with the competition laureate

Note that the projected dates are given for planning purposes only and that the exact number of competitors invited to participate in both stages of the competition are subject to change and will be confirmed in the RFQ.

The languages to be used in the competition are English and French, both enjoying equal status.

The procedure will maintain the competitors’ anonymity. The names of the competitors qualified to participate in the competition will not be communicated to the jury.
ClientCanada, through PSPC
OversightPSPC has engaged the RAIC to oversee the overall competition process (RFQ and RFP) with the nomination of two national Professional Advisors and the assistance of [phase eins] from Germany as competition organizers. Prior to and during the selection/competition processes, the RAIC will validate:
a) Technical requirements related to the conduct of the competition;
b) Competition rules and the competition brief;
c) Judgement criteria; and
d) Honoraria and prize structure.
JuryThe RAIC, with the assistance of PSPC, will nominate an independent, qualified professional jury for the competition process (stages 1 and 2). PSPC will publicly announce the jury composition as part of the RFQ. The jury will not participate in the RFQ selection phase, which will be under the responsibility of PSPC.
The jury is an independent third-party entity to PSPC and will be composed of an odd number of individuals. Prior to the commencement of the design competition, the jury will have vetted and accepted the competition brief and the call for entries, within the framework of a jury colloquium.
The jury will conduct the evaluation of the design concepts submitted in stage 1 and 2 of the competition, including the selection of the prize winners.
Honorarium and PrizesUnder competition Stage 1, an honorarium of CAN$120,000 (excluding applicable taxes) has been allocated for each of the prequalified and invited Competitors presenting a Proposal compliant with the Competition Brief requirements. The terms associated with the payment of the honorarium will be set out in the Competition Brief.

Under competition Stage 2, an honorarium of CAN$165,000 (excluding applicable taxes) has been allocated for each of the invited Competitors presenting a Proposal compliant with the Competition Brief requirements. The terms associated with the payment of the honorarium will be set out in the Competition Brief.

Under Competition Stage 2, further prizes will be distributed to the winners as follows:
1st prize: CAN$220,000
2nd prize: CAN $165,000
3rd prize: CAN $120,000
EligibilityEligible to participate are such individuals, who, on the day of the announcement of the RFQ and pursuant to the legal provisions of their country of residence, are entitled to use the occupational title “Architect”. Individuals from countries where the occupational title “Architect” is not subject to statutory regulations are eligible, provided that they hold a degree or submit any other evidence of qualification or practice permitting them to practice as an architect in their country of residence.

Eligible for participation are also architect consortia (ie joint ventures) formed of individuals and legal entities that include at least one person eligible to participate according to the previous paragraph. Legal entities are only eligible in such joint venture if their statutory objectives include planning activities relevant to the competition task. Legal entities and entities in joint venture must name a single authorized representative who will be responsible for the fulfilment of the competition requirements according to the previous paragraph. The authorized representative as well as all authors of competition entries must meet the eligibility criteria applying to competitors. Notwithstanding the designation of a single authorized representative, each member of any joint
venture shall be jointly and severally liable for any submission from its consortium.

In order to provide any architectural services in the Province of Ontario individuals or legal entities or a joint venture MUST be the holder of a Certificate to Practice issued by the Ontario Association of Architects (OAA). In the case of an Architect who is licensed in a jurisdiction which does not have reciprocity with the OAA, a temporary License and Certificate of Practice under Section 23 of the Ontario Architects Act is available for the purpose of providing architectural services on a project specific basis, conditional on collaboration with an OAA member.
Deadline for application is extended until March 2nd, 2021
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